How It Works

The Stayover Model

The Stayover by Ausco (otherwise known as Build, Own, Operate or BOO) approach to village development is straightforward - to set new standards in the design and construction of regional and remote commercial workforce accommodation.

We believe that a workforce that has rested comfortably, slept well and eaten healthy nutritious food, performs better. For our customers, this means enhanced productivity, reduced sick days, less accidents at work and increased morale.

What we are really providing is sleep - an element critical to the safe, productive and efficient running of our customers' operations, therefore the design of our accommodation, and the comfort and privacy of our residents is paramount.

We are part of a group that is a reliable major accommodation turnkey project specialist who has delivered villages to house from 100 to 3,000 people. Whether it is a smaller boutique village or a large-scale accommodation requirement, Stayover by Ausco and Ausco Modular have the necessary expertise to design, manufacture and construct a Stayover village ideally suited to your requirements.

Stayover by Ausco is a solution which offers multiple benefits yet perhaps not more than it allows our customers to focus on their core operational activities rather than diverting resources towards housing. Stayover allows the preservation of our clients' working capital, meaning that these funds can be diverted into other important activities.

At an operational level, Stayover plays an integral role in delivering to your organisation responsive, high quality workforce accommodation solutions to resource-intensive areas and infrastructure hubs. From a broader community perspective, our purpose-built facilities help to ease demand pressures for housing and other types of accommodation that exist within many burgeoning regional centres.

Bringing Our Villages To Life

Stayover by Ausco is guided by the flexible overarching BOO Model which was pioneered by Ausco Modular, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and installers of remote and regional accommodation.

It’s a solution which offers multiple benefits, including allowing our customers to focus on their core operational activities, but significantly, also preserving the working capital of our clients meaning that these funds can be diverted into other important activities.

Ausco Modular’s BOO Model is quite unique in its application. It consists of six specific lifecycle stages:

  1. 1

    Engineering and design that is individual to each customer, project and geographic requirements. We are also conscious of the requirements of other stakeholders such as local communities and government authorities.

  2. 2

    Turnkey land development including bulk civil earthworks, infrastructure, service installation and connections.

  3. 3

    The manufacture and installation of modular and site-constructed building components.

  4. 4

    Stayover by Ausco has the ability to fund development costs via existing facilities.

  5. 5

    A holistic approach to village management which incorporates catering, housekeeping, cleaning and janitorial, reception and reservations.

  6. 6

    Ongoing preventative maintenance of grounds, services and facilities.

Let Us Build You A Village

Choosing the right location is critical. Understanding the current, and future, operating locations and requirements of our customers enables us to better plan our next village location or village expansion.

If you have a location in mind - with or without access to land - we can provide a flexible development solution that includes:

  • Sourcing land (our land or yours, owned or leased, freehold or mine-site)
  • The application of our legal and planning expertise
  • The ability to structure appropriate land tenure arrangements
  • Managing the DA, Operational Works and Building Consents process, including environmental studies, engineering assessments etc
  • Liaison with landowners, local authorities, state governments and other regulatory organisations
  • Leveraging from local, national and global supply chain relationships
  • Customisation of the village to suit your project and operational requirements throughout the BOO cycle

Managing the entire end-to-end process means that we can provide our customers with fast, flexible and reliable solutions.


Design Expertise

All areas of the village are designed with the comfort and functionality of guests in mind. We understand that the little things make a difference. 

Our villages are connected by winding pathways which integrate with extensive landscaping elements - rather than the more traditional ‘construction-style’ face-to-face configurations that are typically utilised in more traditional solutions. The location of guest services - such as laundries and central facilities - is practical and convenient. In addition, we are quite proud to say that our rooms have been described by our guests as the best in the industry.

From site plans and village layout features, landscaping and recreational and service facilities, to room configuration, furniture design and fit-outs, Stayover by Ausco aims to set new standards in the design of regional and remote workforce accommodation. 

Manufacturing & Construction 

All Stayover by Ausco villages are manufactured and constructed in Australia by Ausco Modular. Ausco Modular has the flexibility to mobilise up to 9 manufacturing facilities in 5 strategic locations around Australia. In fact, our business currently has more manufacturing capacity than any other modular provider in Australia.

The Stayover by Ausco Development team, in conjunction with Ausco Modular’s skilled Design and Engineering teams, devise purpose-built designs with unique layouts and features for each village, suiting the location, guest requirements and the site itself.

The Ausco Modular Construction division installs and constructs the village onsite. Upon completion, our Stayover by Ausco Operations team expertly manages our facilities using a team of service-focused staff, many who have backgrounds in the hotel and hospitality industries.

Benefits Of Modular Construction

Modular construction is an advanced manufacturing technique that produces a standardised design efficiently and quickly in the controlled environment of a factory. Buildings are then transported to site 90% completed where they are assembled.

This modern method of construction reduces project timelines by up to 50% and reduces waste by up to 83%.

Commercial Model

Stayover by Ausco offers a managed accommodation solution in exchange for a simple room-night charge. This allows our customers to execute the full flexibility of securing just a few rooms for their workforce, or occupying an entire village for days, months or even years.

Our customers reap the benefits from fully outsourcing their accommodation requirements - preserving capital, saving management time and reducing IR issues by leaving the day-to-day operation of their facilities to an industry expert. Ultimately, this allows our customers to do what they do best, focusing on their core activities to maximise shareholder and investor returns. 

Ramping up when you need more rooms

Our village designs are highly scalable. Our expandable village designs, and the associated infrastructure to support such developments, ensure a quick response to additional room requirements at any of our Stayover by Ausco villages.

Social Procurement 

Critical to the development and operational stages of our villages if the utilisation of local trades and ongoing procurement of goods and services from local providers.

Whether it's the local electrician, sourcing local bread for our kitchens or starting a team for the local touch football competition, we're committed to engaging with local businesses in a mutually beneficial way where possible.  

We also work closely with local communities and regional Councils to ensure there is optimal contribution and participation by our guests with local communities.


Onsite Management

Dedicated onsite management at each village facilitates a stress free and engaging living environment. They are focused on the overall wellbeing of all guests and the efficient and safe operation of the village.  

We follow our core principles of Service, Comfort, Healthy Lifestyle and Safety on a daily basis and are committed to continuous improvement, providing a customer focused environment and delivering ethical behaviour in everything we do.

Our onsite staff are supported by a hands-on national operations team who drive best practice, manage our sub-contractor and procurement network, support client liaison, operate our reservations centre and provide functional support to our villages.