Health & Safety 

Think safe. Work safe. Home safe.

We're committed to providing a working environment that controls exposure to health and safety issues.

Ausco Modular believe that the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks and hazards which may affect employees, contractors and visitors is fundamental to our success.

Our primary aim is to provide all Ausco employees, contractors, and specifically, our managers, supervisors and team leaders with information, instruction and training in aspects of health and safety as it relates to our workplaces.

Ausco Modular believe that having safety competent workers is an essential step in managing risk within our operations.

As one of Australia’s largest construction and accommodation village companies using modular technology, we are committed to providing a working environment that aims to control exposure to health, safety, environmental and quality issues.

We believe that the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks and hazards which may affect employees, contractors and visitors is fundamental to our external and internal success. Ausco has 10 Life Saving Rules that all employees and sub-contractors have had training on, and each element is refreshed through Monthly Safety Meetings.

Senior executives from Ausco Modular perform safety tours of Stayover by Ausco villages, construction sites and manufacturing facilities, where the following topics are discussed and if necessary, logged for action:

  • Reported hazards and near misses
  • HSE management practices
  • Safety observations

Village Safety

Stayover by Ausco villages have a very strong performance record in terms of the safety of our residents over an extended period of time.

Our Resident Code of Conduct establishes an agreed standard of behaviour between ourselves, our corporate clients and the residents who stay with us. These expected behaviours respect an individual’s freedom and right to privacy, whilst requiring that they do not conduct in any activities that may negatively impact upon other residents living in the community.

Our site-based management team proactively enforce these behavioural standards, addressing issues early before they escalate. Where required, formal investigations are completed.


Resident Health & Wellbeing

We believe that a workforce that has rested comfortably, slept well and eaten nutritious food, performs better. Stayover by Ausco villages are designed to the human experience with emphasis on the comfort, security and wellbeing of our residents.


Certificates & Accreditations

Ausco Modular buildings are designed, engineered, manufactured and maintained to Australian building standards. Our manufacturing locations are certified to the Australian Quality Standard ISO 9001, Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and Health and Safety Standard ISO 45001.

Our designs are in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and Australian standards, and building assembly are rigorously tested by our in-house National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited testing facility.

We Value Your Feedback

Your valuable feedback helps us improve our operations to ensure all Stayover by Ausco guests enjoy a stress free and engaging living environment.

If you are currently staying in one of our villages, or have in the past, please let us know your feedback.