Social Procurement

Supporting local

Each year, Stayover by Ausco makes a considerable investment directly, and through our service providers, into local communities. We do this through local employment and the support of local organisations and business through the purchases of goods and services.

Stayover is committed to the principle of providing full, fair, and reasonable opportunity for capable local industry.

Ausco Modular has a commitment to build local supplier capacity and reflect diversity in its supplier base. The company’s relationship with national suppliers is complemented by the ongoing utilisation of, and relationship with, local suppliers.

Ausco Modular is committed to supporting local business wherever it can because we recognise each dollar spent in a local business returns many times that amount to the local economy through employee wages, rates, and the purchase of goods and materials. This fosters community support for the villages and benefits all Stakeholders.

These relationships are managed by Ausco Modular’s supply teams regionally and also assessed regularly for compliance to company standards through our robust Supplier Evaluation Procedure and Supplier Selection and Bid Evaluation Procedure.

Stayover has a long history of supporting the regions in which we operate, through local community groups and events. Our village teams are committed to engaging, supplying and driving community activities, economic development and charitable initiatives in their region.

Indigenous Procurement

Ausco Modular is committed to increasing our engagement with and opportunities for First Nations communities.

Ausco is a proud Supply Nation member and will continue to identify opportunities and provide support and capability development to local and Indigenous businesses.


Become A Supplier

We're proud to support the communities we operate in. Contact us to discuss how we can work together.